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How To Enter

Who can enter?

Anyone! This competition is open to schools, individuals, families, colleagues, housemates, businesses, bands and so much more. You could even enter a map on behalf of your dog. The important thing is taking part!

Five steps to being a winner!

STEP 1: Familiarise yourself with the boundary for Oxford city centre

In these times, our memories are vital. Our future is defined by recollection. Below is Oxford City Centre’s boundary. We’d like entrants to base their map on this area.


Download a higher-resolution version of the map.



STEP 2: What format will your map take?

Entrants do not have to submit a drawing or painting. A personal map of Oxford city centre could be a photo montage, writing, a 3D sculpture or a film.

STEP 3: What to include on your map

Check out our Inspiration page.

The only criteria for the competition is that your map must highlight your favourite things about Oxford city centre. They don’t even have to exist any more. Or they maybe something you’d love to exist in the future.

TIP: We highly recommend that you give explanations as to why they have chosen each of the locations, even if they are short titles “My favourite place to stand each May Day.”

STEP 4: Submit your entry

Entries are to be submitted via the following email:

Pictures of entries or other electronic versions of the map can be sent as an attachment.

If the entrant is under 12 please let us know this too, so we can get reply with details of how to collect their free Treasure Island map from Blackwells.

STEP 5: Entry deadline

Entries must be received before Monday 9 November.

The winners will be announced on Monday 16 November.

Treasure map for under 12s

All under 12s who enter the competition will be invited to pick up a free treasure map from Blackwell’s Bookshop in Broad Street. Remember to give your age when entering.

Instructions on how to pick up the prize will be provided when children submit their entry.

The treasure map, which has been created by local children’s illustrator and artist Sarah Hoyle, will include a 15% discount on a single transaction at Blackwell’s Bookstore.

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