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Creative map competition

Oxford – My Treasure Island

Whether it’s JRR Tolkien’s maps of Middle Earth or Lyra’s map in His Dark Materials, Oxford’s famous real and literary residents have always delighted in creating maps to highlight their favourite spots in the city.

Rediscover Oxford is asking you to do the same by creating your own map of the city centre featuring your favourite landmarks.

These could include your favourite restaurants or shops, the most beautiful trees in Oxford, or moments in time, such as a first date or a particularly magical May Morning.

Your map can take any form: a painting, a photo montage, or a poem. It can be from the past, the present or the future. We’d like to see your own version of what makes Oxford’s city centre a place to enjoy – and rediscover.

Use this boundary as a guide for the competition. Feel free to create your own version, or trace this one – it's up to you.
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