Better wellbeing, holistically

Better wellbeing, holistically

Affordable, accessible and effective acupuncture (starting from £17).

As an experienced and dedicated acupuncturist and practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine, Joe Jennings is all too aware of the negative impact of lockdown on health and wellbeing.

Here, he explains the benefits of acupuncture in the current climate and how easy it is for people to access the services of Holistic Health Oxford close to home.

Acupuncturist Joe Jennings was working with patients in Florence Park as part of a two-week health and wellbeing festival Picture: Ric Mellis 26/8/2019

We know that people with painful conditions have really been suffering during lockdown and that mental ill health has dramatically spiked.

Community acupuncture is a great way to get effective treatment for these conditions at affordable prices, which we know is also a concern for many coming out of lockdown.

Value for money. Wellbeing for living

Given how much stress, isolation and uncertainty there is and how useful acupuncture is for reducing and managing these problems, it will be a really valuable option for many people.

As well as boosting our physical and mental health acupuncture is a valuable tool for boosting our immune system, which will be especially useful in these unpredictable times.

Affordable. Accessible

I have been running pop-up community acupuncture clinics across Oxfordshire for over two years now. I started with just an afternoon in Florence Park Community Centre. Now there are two full days in Florence Park, one in Dean Court Community Centre, one in Abingdon Guildhall and one in Didcot Civic hall. From early September they will all be up and running again, serving the community with affordable and accessible acupuncture sessions across the week, from Monday to Thursday. We operate on a sliding scale basis with sessions starting at £17.

Acupuncture is great for a wide variety of conditions, especially chronic pain, headache and migraine, backache, stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia, post viral fatigue. It also impacts positively on wellbeing in the long term. Clients can also be reassured that we have implemented all recommended safety measures.

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