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We all know maps tell you how to get somewhere. They also tell fascinating stories about where and how people live today and in days gone by.

Whether it’s Tolkien’s maps of Middle Earth or Lyra’s map in His Dark Materials, Oxford’s famous real and literary residents have always delighted in creating maps to highlight how they see their worlds.

We’d like to see what your favourite aspects of Oxford city centre are past, present, or future, or simply your own fictional version. Anything goes.

Here’s some quick fire suggestions to get you off the starting block:

  • Favourite places to eat
  • Your go to shop for that difficult birthday present
  • Where you were proposed to
  • Your favourite place to stand on May Day
  • Where you took your best photos
  • Where you were when you found out you’d passed your exams
  • Most beautiful trees
  • Favourite spots to sit and watch the world go
  • Best places to buy cake, or coffee or ice screams!
  • First date
  • Best place to buy chocolate brownies
  • Sites of the strangest historical happenings
  • Your favourite walks
  • Best gig moments you’ve had in Oxford as a band
  • Where you bumped into a long lost friend
  • Great iconic film spots
  • Where you wish something would be
  • Where you first ate a food
  • Spots where you’ve had your favourite conversations and what they were?
  • Your top 10 specialist independent shops
  • It could celebrate a particular era
  • The places you love to show your visitors
  • Your favourite place to indulge in a cocktail
  • Where your favourite theatrical performances have been and what they were
  • Unusual things around the city that you’ve discovered


…and remember, it could be a mix of things or based on a theme. Whatever you’d like to say about what you’ve enjoyed about our wonderful city of sandcastles, shops, restaurants, nature and people!

Create your story of Oxford city centre.


Links for inspiration

Maps are works of art in their own right. They can come in all shapes, sizes, colours and formats.

Here’s a few inspirational links:

  • Fantasy Mapslink
  • 10 illustrated maps to inspire youlink
  • A step by step guide to how to illustrate a maplink
  • 15 Awesome illustrated maps – link
  • 15 Artists transforming mapslink

Be bold, be imaginative. Be you.

This is our city. Make your mark. Be part of Oxford’s future.

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